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Children & Young People

We see children as full members of our church and we believe in the importance of making them welcome,

and providing space for them to play and learn about God.


We have a weekly Sunday School lead by Louisa who guides them through stories, crafts and activities. There is also a dedicated play and dressing up area for children to use, a colouring and craft table, and activity bags to use in their seats. 

To make the best of the service for your children, here are a few things we recommend:

1. Relax. Children need to move and make noise and this is ok. As long as they are safe, let them explore and express themselves. 

2. Sit somewhere your children can see and hear whats happening. 

3. Explain the different parts of the service to them.

4. Sing loudly and respond with confidence. You children will learn from copying you, set them a good example. 

We believe the way we welcome children affects how they respond to God and each other. Let them know they are at home in this house of God. 

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