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Welcome to

St Mary Magdalene MUnster Sq

Putting Jesus at the heart of our community

At St Mary Magdalene, we are committed to serving the people of the Regent's Park and Crown Estates, and Regent's Place business centre. Our mission is to share the Christian faith and work together with community partners to transform our local community for the better.

Our church is rooted in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England, and through the sacraments, teaching and fellowship we seek to inspire people to discovering God's eternal love for them.



Throughout the week we offer a range of services from the formal to meditative. For more information see the Worship page.


Parish Mass

A sung service with hymns.

Activity packs for children, and Sunday School most weeks.

Service lasts just over an hour and followed by refreshments.


Simple Mass

A said service lasting around 20mins.


Holy Hour Exposition

Drop in and out at any point. This space is yours to pray, reflect and to spend some time in the presence of Jesus.

The time ends with a simple benediction.

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