Life Events

St Mary Magdalene's is a holy place where countless people have come to mark defining moments in their lives, to find strength and encouragement, refreshment, and celebration on the Christian journey.

This is a place where new birth is celebrated, love is blessed and sorrow is comforted. This is a place where people are welcomed into the family of God's church and where life is shared.


Baptism is the first step on the Christian journey. You can be baptised at any age.

First Communion

We prepare our children to receive communion from the summer term of Year 2


Confirmation is when a person is ready to make a commitment to God and a public declaration of what they believe.


Marriage is the joining of two people to each other is love and commitment.


In the signing with oil and prayer we ask Jesus the healer to come into our lives to ease suffering and bring peace.


We bring all the things our lives that stop us from following God and talk them through with a priest who may offer advice, who will pray with you, and who will offer God's forgiveness.


We commit our loved ones into God's eternal and loving care.

House Blessing

Prayers of protection, cleansing and blessing for your home and those who live there.

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